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Rockets 107, Bulls 100: Yao Ming is, um, a problem

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So, the Bulls aren't going to go on some improbable 5 game win streak to nullify the losing streak they took into this road trip. And they're not as good as the fully-loaded (if a bit gimpy) Rockets, so it's tough to get too worried about this one.

The Bulls only stayed in the game at times because Yao was in foul trouble. They defended well, ran, and that was impressive. But with Yao, the Rockets were +16 in 30 minutes, and that number should've been higher if not for Ben Gordon getting some buckets after the game was pretty much decided.

There was still a bit of Vinny weirdness to pick on, especially in the 4th quarter. Rose and Gordon both sat the first 3 and a half minutes, and I don't see why both need to be out of the game, ever. Rose played under 30 minutes all night, so hopefully it wasn't a case where his sore foot was acting up (and another night with no free-throws, on a night where the Bulls had 28 attempts).

And then later in the 4th, using Noc to guard Yao Ming for a stretch....that ended predictably. This was one game where Aaron Gray has some real use, yet there were times where Noc (or Tyrus) was guarding him and Gray sat, yet times where Yao was on the bench and Gray was in. That's a matchup player, Vinny. Use him as such. Noc had a real nice 2nd half offensively up to that point, but he's the type of player (especially nowadays) that any streak has to be treated as precious and unlikely to continue. Keeping him in and making him the was that going to help anyone?

But with Gooden out and Noah having a rough night (fouling out in 17 minutes) against Yao, there wasn't much Vinny could do overall. Yao's really good and really big. The Bulls do not have players like that.