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Nets 111, Bulls 99: Sitting the franchise player down the stretch continues to work magnificently

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So this is what the new-look Bulls look like when they don't shoot an ungodly percentage from the floor.

Though they were still at a fairly high clip until the 4th quarter, which they entered with a 1 point lead lead but wound up down 10 with 5 minutes to go.

And certainly in that time the Bulls starters were the ones not playing well. Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found, and Tyrus Thomas was the only one willing to take shots, unfortunately they were 20 feet from the basket. Nobody could stay in front of Devin Harris all night.

But still: Vinny then takes them both out? Noah too? Yet again Derrick Rose sits in crunch time, yet again? It's basically forfeiting if you think that Kirk Hinrich and Brad Miller can trap Devin Harris while making up a deficit on the offensive end. And hopefully Vinny's less interested in his new toy Tim Thomas after he put up his first stinker as a Bulls, something entirely predictable to everyone but the person who thinks he should be getting 20 minutes a night. Unfortunately that person coaches the team. 

It's a problem that the coach views everyone as equals (honestly, it's the Hubie Brown Grizzlies all of a sudden) and distributes playing time on what he feels is the hot hand (or the effort hand. or if there's any criteria at all...). While Rose was timid and Tyrus was out of control, it takes coaching to get that to stop, not a substitution. And if it wasn't corrected, and made the Bulls lose this game: so be it. They lost anyway with the stabilizing veteran force only making the deficit worse.

And why even bother trying to rationalize why this makes no sense: he's sitting Derrick Rose! How is Rose to know he's supposed to lead his team in the 4th quarter if his coach doesn't even know to leave him in the game?