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Vinny's stay of execution

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Bulls did what they were supposed to do on this road trip: beat two of the worst teams in the league (one with nearly all their good players hurt or barely returning). That was then followed up with a surprising win over the Suns, though that team is reeling themselves.

In fact, you can group the Suns with the other two when considering their defense:

Kings: 30th
Clippers: 22nd
Suns: 24th

But then again, the TWolves are 26th in this category, and the Bulls lost to them, so I suppose this is improvement. Not necessarily from Vinny though, despite what KC Johnson says:

The silly speculation about Del Negro getting fired this season, possibly by the beginning of the All-Star break Feb. 13, overlooks three crucial factors:

•He's in the first season of a three-year deal, and Reinsdorf already is paying Scott Skiles not to work for him.

Didn't bother with the other two crucial factors, as we likely only need that one.

I suppose it was completely silly, KC, to not believe this team would allow such a train wreck to continue unabated. Luckily there's a 3 game win streak instead of a 8 game losing streak, else I wouldn't say it was so silly. 

But providing stories with a sub-headline of "Bulls beginning to rally behind Del Negro"...seems just as silly. He still stinks (and I put any problem with the assistants is on him, considering the three wise men seem to have good track records elsewhere).

And this team still needs a trade (or two). That's the kind of silly speculation I want to read!