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Back to the topic of the Bulls VP of Basketball Operations quitting and being a quitter

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Remember that story? Paxson quitting after the deadline?

I had thought the story was so big that the Bulls would have to officially announce something either way, but they instead ignored it. Sort of blew over, I suppose due to Amare-geddon and other All-Star shenanigans.

And also because both McGraw at the Herald and K.C. at the Tribune were downplaying the initial report from Vescey. A report that Brian Hanley and/or the Sun-Times confirmed (and that's how it got to be a real story, not just because of that rogue element Vescey), but have since backed a bit off of.

But  that, and some other stories the next day read somewhat the same: Paxson may not be quitting soon, but he's unhappy in the job and will possibly quit in the offseason.

And these audio clips from Hanley and WSCR beat reporter David Schuster really expounded on that point: that Paxson is miserable in the job, wanted to quit several times in the past, but between loyalty to the Organization and Reinsdorf talking him out of it, has stayed on the post.

Gee, way to do us a favor, Pax.

It's especially unsettling because this has been a long-time worry with Paxson's tenure: he's too loyal to who he drafted, he's too concerned about 'character' over performance, and he's just not cut out for the job. Reports emerged Friday of how the job has made him ill and stressed...really? This is a big-money, big-decision business, and our GM is distraught over having early extensions turned down from Deng and Gordon? Having to fire Skiles as a coach? These are the major issues that cause the Bulls VP of basketball operations unwilling to run an NBA basketball team?

The worst part is that this has possibly been effecting him going on a year and a half, someone not wanting to be there heading up the team. And that idea makes me angry.

But perhaps it should be viewed differently, as not new news but merely a confirmation of what has been suspected: Pax has not been doing the full GM work for a while. Reinsdorf is the one making approvals, Irwin Mandel is the mysterious cap lawyer (I'll assume he wears a cape), and Gar Foreman (director of player personnel) has been assuming a larger role the past couple seasons, most notably in the Luol Deng contract negotiations. He'll likely take over when Paxson is finally allowed to leave this job that stole his innocence and his hair.

So if Paxson wants to quit, hey Reinsdorf: don't bother talking him out of it. If he wants out, and you truly love him as a son in that weird way you feel about alot of your employees, then let him go. Let him regain his perspective of family and basketball (the non-icky contract parts!), and hire someone who if it makes them fat and weathered looking, it's seen as a badge of honor.

Honestly, where's our Donnie Walsh or Rod Thorn? Or even a Joe Dumars or Larry Bird? Someone everyone knows is in charge. Maybe the whole issue with this franchise looking like it has no plan isn't a knock on Paxson, but the Organization for not having a real leader in the first place. And the one they selected (seemingly, now) as a figurehead doesn't even want that job.