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Hinrich out the next two games. So...could VDN really be fired?

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John Jackson with the update:

The veteran guard's sprained left thumb hasn't healed enough to allow him to play and he's out Tuesday against the New Jersey Nets and Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks.

"Not until the end of the week or something like that," coach Vinny Del Negro said when asked about Hinrich's possible return. "But that's a day-to-day thing. Depending on how he feels, we'll make adjustments."

I haven't read any updates on Tyrus, but he's certainly out this week as well.

So, say Dr. Del Negro is optimistic and Hinrich's actually out the entire week. that means after the Nets on Tuesday, the Bulls could possibly be without Hinrich for @ATL, GSW, BOS. Then they have the Lakers to start next week, which they can't win even if everyone was healthy and slightly better.

That could mean a lot of losses. The mainstream reaction (both in print and on the radio throughout Monday) has been surprisingly agressive on VDN's job security. I guess I didn't have that reaction since I don't see him being any worse than usual, and in terms of results this Org. has set me up for a crummy year all offseason.

But if that reaction is actually tied to how the Org. feels (it's possible), and they lose to the Nets at home tomorrow night, would that really do it for VDN? I still don't think it's the best idea, since the typical bozos that become interim coaching hires (have you watched when Pete Myers takes over?) are just as over-their-head as VDN.

And I have zero confidence that they'd hire a real coach midseason, considering it took them 8 weeks in an offseason to hire Del Negro.

It's too bad, because if they did sell out a bit for some retread disciplinarian hire they likely could squeeze blood from this rock and get more wins. It's not like the Bulls are interested in developing guys anyway, and their rotation is so short as it is the (deemed) important young pieces like Rose and Noah will have to play no matter what. An uninspired but credible hire (like Byron Scott I suppose) plus a Tyrus trade for a veteran could get this team back to 'team on the rise' myth just in time for the offseason.

I still say the potential for disaster is too risky to axe VDN now. But if they lose to the Nets making it losses in 8 of 9 (and many of them blowouts)...isn't disaster already here?

(they won't lose to the Nets)