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Open Game Thread #29: Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers

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The Pacers are asking to be beaten tonight, they've been playing so poorly that coach Jim O'Brien has come under siege weeks after getting his option for next season picked up.

But hey, at least their 'Basketball Czar', Larry Bird, backed their coach. (hey, at least they have a guy in charge!)

I won't say any result will cause sufficient embarrassment to affect change for the Bulls. So lets just get this win, a few more, sneak into the bottom couple seeds, get waxed, and be done with it already.

I'd say I'm happy to see Tyrus play, but I also realize that he likely only played so much relative to Taj because Taj was in foul trouble. Though that happens a lot, I expect Tyrus to be benched tonight down the stretch.

(go Bulls!)