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Who fires their coach without firing them? Only the Bulls!

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I hope's Chris Broussard realizes his ultimate power after seeing his report regurgitating what's been in the news for weeks surrounding the Bulls and VDN becoming major news.

Though I suppose Broussard made some progress in saying (though through the ultra-lame "sources with knowledge of the Chicago Bulls' thinking") that they've definitely made a decision, and that 'dorf contacted his 'son' Doug Collins again. But the idea that there's little chance the Bulls keep VDN as their coach by the opening of 2010 free agency is becoming obvious at this point.

But what the report's popularity (if not it's merit) certainly did, is give the front office amalgam Gar Paxdorf another chance to look like buffoons.

Poor Vinny had to stand up at practice today and declare growing speculation 'funny' and 'inaccurate'.  There was talk that Gar Forman (he's the GM, remember?) would address the media today...only to decide against it. I figure they were having trouble getting Gar to speak without seeing Pax's lips move.

(I was laughing while listening to WSCR this afternoon, as guest-host Barry Rozner was already incredulously saying Forman was 'three weeks too late' when it was rumored he'd talk today. When told Gar would not even poke his head out today, Rozner was in pure 'WTF' mode)

Isn't this why Paxson ran away from his media responsibilities last season (after similar reports had Paxson quitting weeks before he did...or whatever he did that wasn't quite quitting)? So that Forman could speak for the organization in times like this?

There's been no response from anyone since the string of west-coast blowouts, or watching LeBron dance, or seeing Jarret Jack tie his shoes, or losing to the Nets at home, or performing the biggest home collapse in NBA history.

And even worse that the Bulls have decided to Vinny (yet don't want to) is that if you follow this team, it's an appropriate reaction by them. This is how we've come to expect the Org. to behave, or at least look like from the outside: completely clueless. I welcome more of a spotlight on just how uniquely bad their 'process' is, whether it comes from or (plug!), since it seems that national and local irrelevance allows them to get away with a lot more than other teams would.

Someone needs to step in front of a microphone and either say Vinny is fired now, or that he is coaching the rest of the year. You don't even have to stick to the latter, just say it now and if things get worse then say 'well, we lied' before firing him. It's not like Gar "re-signing Gordon is our top priority" Forman hasn't lied to us before.

But saying nothing can't be good for Vinny or the team, no matter what they're telling eachother behind closed doors. And while I see the reasoning behind not blowing this too far out of proportion, since what we (via the media) know about the decision-making in the Bulls front office doesn't matter as long as much as what they know...the last time there was such rumored mismanagement and confusion regarding them was when they hired Vinny Del Negro. So maybe they shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt.