4 team trade Portland/Chicago/Houston/Nets

I tried this in the ESPN trade machine and it works.

Chicago gets

SF Terrence Williams (NJN)
SG Tracy McGrady (Hou)

PG Steve Blake (Por)
SF Travis Outlaw (Por)

The Nets get

SG John Salmons (Chi)

PF Tyrus Thomas (Chi)

Portland gets

C Tony Battie (NJN)

Houston gets

PG Kirk Hinrich (Chi)

C Jerome James (Chi)

SF Bobby Simmons (NJN)

Why Chicago does this:
-unload Kirk and Salmons
-get something for Tyrus

-Gives us more 2010 flexibility with Tracy McGrady (s+t or go over the cap t bring back if he plays well with Rose)

-Another young SF/SG hybrid in Terrence Williams who wanted to come to Chicag when he was being drafted

Why Portland does this:
-giving up two expirings to get another

-But get the big man they needed to backup Joe Pryz

Why New Jersey does this
-To change up the team
-Not ruining any 2010 plans

-See if Devin Harris and Ty Thomas play well together

Why Houston does this
-unloading McGrady

-Adding Kirk doesn't ruin 2010 plans and gives them a nice 3rd guard behind Brooks and Ariza

- 2 expiring contracts

What do you all think?

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