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Rose and Vinny on Rose's role

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More McGraw (as if there could be such a thing!) after Monday's practice, displaying the two most important influences on Rose's game.

Rose himself:

People are saying they want me to shoot more, but I’m the point guard, I can’t do that. I’ve got to pass the ball to people and get them open. So taking over as a point guard is getting people open and shooting it here and there. If I was the two guard, it would be something else. That’s just not my game right now.

And his first NBA coach:

Asked the same question, coach Vinny Del Negro’s first response was, "What do you think?" in sort of an "isn't it obvious we want him to take over" manner.

Del Negro went on to talk about how it’s a learning process for a young point guard; he wants him to be aggressive, but also set up teammates, etc. He added a line that was interesting.

"There are other areas Derrick will continue to improve in that are probably more important than that," Del Negro said.

Doug over at ChicagoNow says that Rose is shooting plenty of shots, just not doing what it takes (namely drawing contact) to maximize his efficiency. I suppose, but even when there are stretches where Rose is shooting plenty (of floaters), there are too many others where he's happy to just drift through the game.

(and if Rose is to eventually be the all-NBA superstar type, shouldn't there be one 40-point, 28 shot outburst in his early career?)

Is that something that can be coached out of him? I can't say for sure, it probably can be learned, but also a certain personality is required to recognize and embrace that the best way for your team to succeed ( especially if your team is full of overmatched teammates) is to be unabashedly selfish.

The Bulls have to continue to develop Rose and best foster this particular improvement,  and as VDN says, improving many other facets as well. We expected a leap in production: getting to the line more, increased range on the jumper, passable defense...has any of this happened? The ankle injury slowed him for the start of the season, but we're 20 games in , and the explosion is there to see in enough of his spectacular plays to make me write that off as an ongoing excuse.

If the Org.'s mantra since winning the lottery was that Rose is #1 priority, then it follows that there are grounds for VDN to be fired if only to try and give Rose some better developmental coaching. Because right now I can't argue that he looks much different than when he entered the league.