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McGraw: One-win weekend bought VDN some time

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The man to trust:

A few days ago, I suggested that this weekend would help determine the future of Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro.

Well, the win over Golden State surely bought him some time. If the Bulls lost both of those games, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a change was made.

But like I also mentioned before, management wants to give Del Negro a fair chance to work through this rough stretch. Ideally that would happen with a full roster, but doctors want Tyrus Thomas to take another week to 10 days to make sure his broken left arm heals completely before returning to the court. So he may not be back until after Christmas for a Dec. 26 home date against New Orleans.

Thomas is so anxious to play right now, it would be interesting to see what kind of boost he could give the team. After hosting the Lakers on Tuesday, the Bulls play six of the next seven games against losing teams with five of those at home.

Yes, whenever predicting Bulls behavior, always err on the side of 'glacially-paced decision making'. They probably couldn't get the triumvirate in a room together to decide whether VDN should be fired, let alone the plan for the rest of the season. I don't quite get how a flukey victory (as OT games are that) over the Warriors changes the team's opinion of VDN, but then again I didn't see the game.

Though I felt all along this bad stretch that the talk of the Bulls 'quitting' on VDN was a bit overblown. They're a poorly-assembled and poorly-coached roster, but I don't think effort is what's lacking. What is happening is that they go into a game with effort, then fall behind, and then quit. They likely know as much as us that they can't overcome big deficits with a league-worst offense (even with 'sparkplug' Jannero Pargo? I know!).

He should be fired because he's yet to improve as a coach, not because this losing is much different than most. The team probably will get some wins against the upcoming softer schedule, but I would've preferred that it was coincided with a new-coach-bump, as every future VDN game seems like a waste of time.

McGraw also mentions that the talk of the Bulls looking into Lawrence Frank is bogus.