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Answering Del Negro answering his critics

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So VDN, in trademark 'I'm in way over my head' style, lashed back at his detractors Thursday after practice, with the ole 'you don't know how it feels' line:

It's easy to sit back on the sidelines and everyone has all these great ideas. People think they know what they're talking about. But until you live it and do it, no one has an idea. All you (media) guys have to write and do your job and come up with stories and that's all great. But you guys really don't know what it's like--because you've never done it.

Not only is this yet another example of an inexperienced coach poorly handling criticism, but it's especially absurd that he pulls this card about 'knowing what it's like' being so important, since he himself had no idea what it's like since he never coached before. I'm sure he glossed over that fact as less crucial in the original interview.

And it's not like the media here is that tough anyway. A sad case in point was surrounding the Nets game. As I said pre-game, the chatter around the city in print and radio was escalating concerning VDN's job.

So after that unconscionable loss, only the team's newest reporter, WSCR's Jason Goff, stepped up at the end of the press conference and asked VDN directly about his job security. Vinny actually took that professionally (unlike today) and reasoned that he wasn't worried since it wasn't up to him. But then immediately afterwards on the CSN post-game, the question was deemed 'not serious' by analyst Kendall Gill, and here's the true eyebrow-raising comment from Goff himself:

I was told by several people in the press room that it was a great question, but they could have never asked it; with a smile.

Yes, everyone: that's our local media.

The question was certainly valid (they lost to the Nets!) and the answer soon popped up everywhere including the national broadcast of the game in Atlanta. And after that blowout, it's only intensified.

And by now it's just a matter of time, as while VDN may now know what it's like to be a real live NBA coach, he has no experience to fall back on when things get this tough, with his job is in the balance (plus his team sucks).

As ever since coming in as an unproven coach, VDN remains an unproven coach.