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Bulls 93, Bobcats 90

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Charlotte 90.0 100.0 46.5% 11.6 35.6 18.9
Chicago 103.3 52.6% 17.1 40.5 23.3


(abbreviated recap, other stuff got in the way)

Bulls took care of business on Saturday, a home game against a fairly cruddy Bobcats team that played the night before.

My initial reaction to the Tyrus injury in terms of how it would effect this team this season (the Org.-fail aspects of it have been repeated enough) is that Vinny would get more creative with the lineups and that could spell disaster. But the entire genesis of Tyrus' bad week was Vinny sitting him in 4th quarters anyway, and for the most part VDN's very comfortable putting Deng at PF with one true big man in the lineup at one time. Not saying that's a correct way to go, just that it may be sustainable to lose Tyrus since Vinny was marginalizing him anyway. (silver lining!)

It certainly didn't hurt them against the Bobcats, who despite actually having a deep group of legit centers (that's a trademarked term, I believe) didn't bother playing them much and it allowed the Bulls to even get James Johnson some time at the 4, considering the opposing 4 was Vlad Radmanovic. The 'Cats even had Radman with Boris Diaw as a frontcourt, and that may be the only worse big-man tandem than the Noc-Gooden of the Bozo Boylan clown show. 

As seen by the four factors box, neither teams secured defensive rebounds well, partly due to the lack of 'truer' big men in the game, and also with both teams featuring the best in the league in Noah and ex-Bull (and former favorite Bull of mine, actually) Tyson Chandler.

And maybe it was the lack of Tyrus or opposing bigs that had VDN finally unleash Joakim Noah for 40 minutes, and he certainly delivered with 21 and 16. Noah rules. The Bulls made their big 2nd half push with Noah and Miller on the floor together, something VDN doesn't seem to like doing often

The first half was likely John Salmons best half of the season, and he even had a catch/shoot 3, which I didn't think he ever did. Salmons and Hinrich were each 2-4 from three, though it was the Bobcats doing far more launching, and their 12 three-pointers kept them in the game likely longer than they should've been.

Personal highlight of seeing this one was the WGN feed screwing up to where you could barely hear the commentary.