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Bulls 101, Kings 87: Bulls shamefully break 100 points on the road, no free big macs

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Chicago 94.0 107.4 51.2% 19.3 30.0 16.0
Sacramento 92.6 45.7% 16.0 31.0 22.3

I don't have much this morning, but it was nice to see the Bulls turn in a competent offensive performance as a team, and for John Salmons individually. He still does not look like the same player as last year, and gets his shot blocked way too often, but Salmons did hit a couple big 3-pointers (and Deng with a couple 21-footers) to keep the Kings at a manageable distance in the second half.

As usual, the most pleasant aspect of watching the Bulls was Joakim Noah, who again played heavy minutes and kept his production up accordingly with 15 points and 14 rebounds. He dominated and frustrated Jason Thompson, a rising young frontcourt player in his own right who'd strung together some solid rebounding efforts. But Noah has been past 'rising' this season, and is already here. He outmuscled Thompson throwing him off his game leading to my favorite sequence of the night, when he blatantly pushed Noah going for a dunk, and reacting flabbergasted that he got called for a foul. With not only the production but seeing him act like an buffoon every time he's on the bench, Noah is worth watching on this team.

Another positive was the Bulls getting their good Jannero Pargo half of basketball for the week. But there was some bad as well, most worrisome being Derrick Rose getting completely outshone by Tyreke Evans. I'm avoiding Rose's struggles for now, just hoping it's the ankle. Please let it be the ankle.

Also, Taj Gibson fouled out in 11 minutes and Hinrich continues to shoot poorly.

But this was a must-win for the trip, and it was a fairly comfortable victory at that. Amazing how easy not-league-worst on offense for a night will make things.