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Sam Smith: Lay off VDN for saying Bulls have no Title shot

I thought the story (albeit minor) in VDN's radio interview hang-up Tuesday was just another instance of him seeming overwhelmed. Not being the fact that when asked about Rose's future role on a Championship team, VDN rhetorically asked if the Bulls had a championship squad right now 'with all these young guys'.

But apparently that was news enough to force Vinny to follow up in practice that day, and Sam Smith is right to defend him: it was a refreshingly honest statement that needs no apology.

The front office made it very clear this past offseason they weren't competing for a championship anytime soon, and you could even say they made it clear last offseason they're a long way from getting a championship coach. That isn't news. This team's goal is to make the playoffs and maintain itself as a desirable free agent destination.

So Vinny was merely saying the truth, though I still don't quite get how that response makes sense in the context of using Rose in the 4th quarter of games. If Vinny felt his team is that far off from a title, wouldn't that give him more reason to throw Rose in the deep waters?