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VDN cuts interview short with Waddle&Silvy re: Rose & 4th quarters

ESPNChicago does the convenient work of writing up the interview as well as posting audio.

As the link says, the issue with Rose being benched in 4th quarters was over in February (after Pax reportedly told him, 'wtf, man?'). And Silverman was being a bit of a jerk for bringing it up the way he did.

But that said, it's still disappointing that VDN is so defensive and insecure. Such traits should be limited to sports bloggers.

VDN started to go into why it made sense at the time to him keeping Rose off the court, and even if it doesn't make sense to Silverman (or me, for that matter), if that's his rationale than stick to it. And if pressed, say you will/won't do it in the future, for this/that reason.

Instead he pulls the 'you do your job, I do mine", and ends the interview. Didn't KC Johnson say during camp that VDN was getting more comfortable as a head coach? 

And actually, the entire duration of the interview up to that point was pretty good by VDN standards, which makes the end even more disappointing. Not that it matters in his coaching, but I always feel that how Del Negro sounds and acts in general removes any benefit of the doubt I'd lend him regarding his capacity for the job.