Derrick Byars, does he stay on?

Just caught this from BC in which Doug breaks down the play of Derrick Byars and his chances to making the Roster
and which he thinks Byars is a long shot to make the team. Neil Funk even mentioned Byars as a long shot I guess due to cap flexibility? I have to say I'm not well versed in the business side of the NBA but just looking at the roster and thinking about John Salmons hamstring injury last season I would have to think he has a pretty decent shot.

Don't get me wrong he's pretty raw but he's also young and cheap and can knock down the three which on this team has kinda become a down grade since BG left. I would say Salmons is the best 3 point threat right now and Hinrich is ok. Pargo is Pargo. I think it's great for Rose to have great long range shooters around him because it opens the lanes for him to do what he does best, get to the hoop. So what do you guys think?

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