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Hughes to Nets sorta-update

Why talk about the game, to be honest. They went to tiny ball (I suppose Rose is bigger than Chris Duhon, so not quite tiny) and lost down the stretch. Can I be that upset with Deng and Hinrich (who both had fantastic first halves) doing nothing in the 4th if they weren't at their natural position? Vinny was a bit handcuffed with Gooden out and Thomas with foul trouble, but I don't think Thomas gets to carry over his 6th foul to the next game either...

So on to an update of the shuffling-deck-chairs proposed trade of Hughes to the Nets.

Brian Hanley:

A league source confirmed a report in the Bergen (N.J.) Record that the teams have had serious trade talks. It’s up to the Nets to sign off, and the deal will get done.

Mike McGraw:

A league source suggested this deal was discussed weeks ago and both teams already decided it didn't make sense. This particular deal would add roughly $5 million to the Nets' payroll over the next two seasons.

The Bulls likely would accept any deal that doesn't involve contracts extending beyond 2010, brings a big man in return and doesn't include any bad-character guys.

That's right, two instances of a 'league source'. Hanley also mentioned that Pax may want to hurry on a deal for Simmons because of the recurrence of Drew Gooden's injury...though that's just more opportunity to play small.