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Bulls 102, Cavs 93 (OT)

Glad I stayed up late to watch it, I set the DVR expecting bad things.

What a difference subbing Hinrich in for Hughes (DNP for the 2nd straight game) can make. And Tyrus Thomas for Drew Gooden, for that matter. I always said Tyrus could be a LeBron-stopper. And you all laughed, because it's a dumb thing to say as nobody could stop LeBron. And you were right, it was dumb. But tonight he (and Lu and others) did the job.

Injuries took out the rest of the Cavs, but it's still a good win. Now just need to trade Noc (played the whole 4th and OT again) for more Noah time (must've been real unprofessional between saving the game last night and tonight) and the season can be restarted. With Derrick Rose taking over 4th quarters again and everything.

(anybody catch Vinny's positivity thinking speech to Luol in the 4th? ::sings:: only the Bulls, only the Bulls...)