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Blazers 109, Bulls 95: Well, that's one we can't blame on Larry Hughes

When you have only two above-average offensive players who were more like average (or in Gordon's case: bad), and a team defense that's consistently abysmal (with the help of some deft substitution patterns)...the result is little surprise.

However it still led to some fun Vinny-ness. The Bulls are beyond bad and approaching fun-bad at this point, no?

The first quarter was actually competitive, but Vinny made two odd choices: one was to double-team Aldridge 15 feet away from the basket (and the man doubling, Thabo, was more like 20 feet away). This happened quite a bit. Aldridge is a ninny, he's just going to shoot fadeaways. Can't you let Thomas handle that alone?

And then while McMillan switched Batum on Gordon (with pretty bad results actually) to spare Roy, Vinny keeps Gordon on Roy (with Sefolosha...I guess designated to double team for no reason) so Gordon gets two fouls in the first 5+ minutes.

But Vinny did do one thing relatively right: he kept Larry Hughes' minutes to a minimum and instead had Hinrich return as the backup point. So I'm glad Hinrich's back for that reason alone. (though playing 20 minutes when he was supposed to get half that...can't even keep that straight?)

But while the backcourt was somewhat situated, Vinny cannot resist pairing Gooden/Noc as the frontcourt. This is because he's not a good coach. There was a long stretch in the 2nd half with Rose/Gordon/Deng/Noc/Gooden. Deng's the only good defender in that group, and this was his first game back from an ankle sprain. So if Steve Blake and Brandon Roy abused Rose (happened quite a bit) and Gordon to get past the perimeter, rest assured there was at least nobody guarding the basket. And with Deng and Thabo available, why is Noc ever guarding Travis Outlaw?

I dunno, same old garbage I guess. Tyrus Thomas didn't do much statistically but he wasn't hurting, so just leave him out there. And Noah (who was booed pretty heavily tonight, way more than I've ever heard) made some mistakes (though that 3-second violation was partly on Hinrich for passing up a shot) but he is, um, tall.

Likely a losing result no matter how you pair this frontcourt, but when Noc and Gooden (and Gooden/Gray, though at least they can board) are out there you're basically waving a white flag defensively. Why watch that? Let's face it: Tyrus and Noah only play regularly if there's injuries. It's not who's playing well, or 'matchups', or disciplinary's Vinny thinking Gooden and Noc (and Gray for that bizarre stretch of games started) are his best options, both now and developmentally.

It's getting so bad I'm not even sure Brad Miller can save them. But lets try it (a trade, not necessarily Brad Miller...more like ridding the team of Noc and Hughes) anyway. End of this week, alright Pax? Might want to get started on the coaching search too, judging by the last one (and its result) you may need 6 months instead of 6 weeks of interviews.