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This is a low (before they lose by 30 to Portland on Monday)

Has this team been any good all season? Beyond that opening night I can't think of a time where I thought this team was going anywhere. They had some early wins against a pretty rough schedule, and that seemed enough anecdotal evidence that they were actually alright. But they stunk then, stink now.

The last hope of the schedule excuse died after going 2-2 at home against the Wolves, Kings, Wizards and Thunder. The last hope of the injuries excuse died losing to the Thunder with awesome captain Drew Gooden back (though having Thabo out hurt, considering the alternatives at the 3 are Hughes and Noc).

As a roster, this group isn't a disaster. As a coach Vinny isn't a disaster (though maybe, he's never coached before!). But Vinny with this roster together is a disaster. Paxson spent the last week talking about the lack of ball movement being the team's biggest problem. Well, it's a product of his roster having some players going for theirs (and knowing they're not part of the team's future anyway) and a coach not having the experience or the respect to do anything about it. Though even when he had their ear early, there was not much to the system beyond standing and watching anyway.

Did the team run any kind of offense Saturday night? It was at Tim Floyd levels in that regard. Vinny's not going to all of a sudden get players who don't listen to him to do so (he has no problem benching Tyrus Thomas in the 4th and OT though, way to pick your battles...).

Paxson does not have until the trade deadline. He has until the end of the week. Deng may be back Monday, and Hinrich on Thursday. Everybody's been 'showcased' (barf) enough, don't make it worse with better options returning and needing time.

Pax should know what to do. This is 'make a trade for the sake of it' time. Unfortunately I'm wary of giving up on some because the coaching and development process is such a clusterfuck, but rearrange some deck chairs. Make me care about the season again before it's a lost cause. It's way too close to being so already, and February 19th is far too late.