Mike North (yes, Mike North) Interviews Paxson

Pax: We haven't changed a lot, but we want to feel "fresh".

What the hell is that?  Mike North is doing podcasts and he gets to talk to Paxson despite pooping on him a few months ago, and then North getting fired?

I'm picturing something like the plot from Airheads with Paxson held hostage while North tries to get his his career jump started.  Somehow, nude pictures of Bea Arthur are involved.

More substantially, Paxson is asked if there's a philosophical difference between D'Antoni and Del Negro.  They'd just talked about defense, and I think North was giving him the opening to say Vinnie will be "D'Antoni with defense".  Pax said the biggest difference is that D'Antoni has proven it and Vinnie's ideas are conceptual and unproven.

I dunno what to make of that.

The word accountable is used.

On Rose, North doesn't want him compared to Paul and Williams out of the gate.  Pax says they are unique, and that while Rose has unique speed and strength and potential to be special, he needs to work on his shot and learning the game.

On Noah "the reality is we don't have a lot of size".... "we need to see him grow as an individual".

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