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SBNBA Olympic Basketball primer

I don't really care about Olympic basketball or who wins. I think the only Bull participating is Nocioni, and, well....

BUT! If you do care (and who am I kidding, it's pro-level basketball so I'll watch it), two of SBNation's finest, AttheHive and GreenBandwagon, have been running through all rosters to get you ready.

Here are the previews thus far (look for Spain at Green Bandwagon on Friday): China, Argentina, Iran, Lithuania, Angola, Croatia, Germany,  Australia, Russia, Greece.

I saw a bit of a US exhibition, and they are fine, but not dominant. I wouldn't be surprised (let alone dissapointed) if they lost, if for any reason because the medal round is a single-elimination tournament. Wacky things can happen, you all have tattered NCAA brackets to prove it.

(post idea swiped from Indy Cornrows)