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(UPDATED) Follow-up to Deng and his insurance

[UPDATE: Deng to play! -ed.]

Brian Hanley, possibly from Mariotti's old desk:

MetLife, the NBA's insurer which covers the top 150 salaries in the league under a group policy, has the right to exclude 14 high-risk players every year.

Decisions are based on the player's injury history and the amount of money remaining on his contract. Deng came under MetLife scrutiny when he signed a $71million, six-year contract at the start of this month. It is the fourth-highest contract in the NBA in terms of outstanding money.

MetLife subsequently used an MRI scan taken last November when Deng, 23, injured his back and missed three games to exclude him from the coverage.

He may or may not play for Great Britain, who have to find a way to get him covered.

Interesting that Deng is deemed 'high-risk' for an injury that didn't cost him much playing time. I'd guess when the next round of contracts come in next summer he'll be pushed off that 'top 14'.

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