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A couple more quickthoughts on the Gordon negotiation of doom

An extension of this post. If you're tired of talking/reading about Gordon, just move along.

  • Why I don't like reading 'tough guy' talk amongst us when discussing Gordon: Say Gordon truly has no options, and in the future it plays out to where Gordon gets nowhere near what he wanted from some other team? hahaha Gordon's an idiot. Or a team is willing to do a sign/trade and gives Gordon $13m a season. Hahaha way to overpay stupid team. We all have a good laugh, but how does either scenario actually help the Bulls?
  • I do not feel good about the sign/trade scenario. Back when it was done with Crawford, it was easy to accept salary relief (getting JYD off the books) as a benefit. And Curry's situation was a no-win that actually produced quite the haul of draft picks. But that's just not enough at this point. Expiring deals, picks, 'assets'...Paxson's had 5 years of getting those, and goal for the last couple of those seasons should be actually getting better instead of just more.  Better as in of Gordon's caliber or higher. And that rarely happens when you're the one signing and trading.
  • If it turns out that not only does signing Nocioni prevent the Bulls from signing Gordon, but getting rid of Nocioni's deal is an objective in a Gordon sign/, how bad was that Nocioni deal?
  • As much as I want things to work out, I'm also tired of Gordon and his camp firing media salvos from the East Coast. Especially the latest one where Gordon threatens to not take the QO. What's the point of saying that?
  • But I'd also like to know if the Bulls are actually doing anything from their end, or if it's still the reported "it's the tax, stupid" hard line stance. If Gordon's team is sticking with the unreasonable demands of getting paid more than Hughes and/or Deng, then I'm not sure there's much they can do. However, what if the Bulls show Gordon some good faith (as opposed to just treating him as an afterthought) in saying they'll up their offer (if not quite to Deng's level) and go into the tax for him... because they love him and he's special? (judging by the weird-as-hell Reinsdorf-Collins situation, Uncle Jerry can pull this off). The Bulls don't even have to pay the tax at the end of the season if some moves are made, and it'd be another bonus from Gordon's end if they let him know that the roster (and famed 'guard glut') will be shaken up.