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Who will I incessantly rip on now?

Chris Duhon is no longer a Chicago Bull.

The writing's been on the wall for months, but it's still odd to realize he won't be back. I'be been trying to restrain any premature celebrating of his departure, because I still thought he'd find a way to worm his way back on the roster. But even if the Bulls originally thought they'd put up a fight, they were certainly scared away by a nearly-MLE offer from the Knicks. (Apparently they've really clamped down on the wasteful spending: "We'll overpay you, but for only two years, buddy!")

Back to Chris Duhon sucking as a Bull and how much I hated it. A lot of it wasn't really his fault. He was the apple of Scott Skiles' eye, the type who'd give it his darndest even when overmatched, which was pretty much always. Skiles even used him to guard LeBron James on more than a-plenty of occasions.

But is it Duhon's fault that he was so often over-used and mis-used? Not really. As purely a backup PG who'd get only 10-12 minutes a night, he'd be fine. He doesn't turn the ball over, can hassle opposing PGs effectively, and he'll give you one game a year where he hits a half-dozen three-pointers. Maybe given limited minutes and strict instructions when to shoot (especially instructions to shoot when how I detested that), he'd be especially effective.

But this contract is the second multi-yeared-and-millioned deal he's received in his career, and it's the essence of what is wrong with having Chris Duhon on your team: someone, likely in a decision-making position, will look at his skillset and 'intangibles' (though that strangely clashed with his off-court habits) and think that since he's an 'unselfish' and 'smart' player, that more minutes is a good thing.

It's not.

Duhon gets praised as a 'pass-first' point guard. But he's not 'pass first'. He's 'ass first'. His most preferred style of play is to play like ass. Then pass, then shoot. Oftentimes never getting to that third one, crippling your offensive flow, and ticking me off.

But no longer...and it's almost sad. (Wait, I forgot for a second that the Bulls just used the #1 overall selection to take a point guard.) So long, Duh! Despite your absence, consider this space, and apparently at least one Chicago bar (yes, those are my dainty hands in the photo), places where your legacy will remain intact.

P.s.: Duhon sucks.