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Quickthoughts on the impending Ben Gordon negotiation of doom

Sorry in advance for the bullets, but I'm tired...

  • Unfortunately my happiness with Deng's deal is put on hold, until this Gordon deal is sorted out.
  • While one can say Gordon can't get a $10m+ deal from any other team, the Bulls can't get a player as good as Gordon, either.
  • I'm not completely buying the "Gordon's agents are demanding he's the highest paid player on the team because he's the leading scorer" story. Even if Gordon's agents have said this, it's negotiation.
  • Obviously my ‘pay the man’ stance has limits. But it’s a range. $15 is too much, $13 is very high (though better if it's a 3-year deal). $10-12 is fine, and I’d guess if it’s done it’ll be in that range anyway.
  • I’d obviously rather see Gordon signed for $10m than $12m. I don’t really care how much he ‘wins’ in his negotiation, or how fat his wallet gets. But if it’s $12m or QO? That's a different question.
  • This was brought up by wjb in the comments: it's a different story whether the Bulls don't want to pay Gordon because they don't value him, or if it's because of the luxury tax. Maybe the tax is just a nice excuse?
  • Based on their perversely persistent desire to make him a bench player, do the Bulls actually value Ben Gordon in the first place? And is he now regretting sacrificing his spot without complaint all these years?
  • If Gordon can't be signed because of the Nocioni contract, that deal goes from thorn in the ass to complete abomination.
  • If the Bulls aren't  considering coming back up towards last year's $10m offer, that's a mistake.
  • Never mind the QO chasing Gordon away after this year, but next year itself would have enough 'distraction' excuses to supply Paxson for the season.
  • There may be a 'guard glut', but Hinrich/Hughes/Thabo are not substitutes. I do not want to watch a bottom-5 offense next season.