Rumor: Nocioni/Simmons to Kings for Brad Miller

It's late July, we're all depressed (except those on the tough-talk express) over the Deng/Gordon contract stalemates. So I'll link to a rumor (via the RealGM board) for the sake of new discussion:

The Bulls and Kings are having on going trade talks that could send Miller back to Chicago.  The Bulls would like to send Forward Andres Nocioni, a future first round pick and Forward Cedric Simmons to the Kings for the former All-Star Center.  Although the Kings are pushing for the Bulls to replace Simmons with Joakim Noah. 

The Bulls are interested in making the trade, but it will likely not occur until Ben Gordon and Loul Deng’s situations are resolved.  The Bulls do not want to make any moves until they have straitened out both players contract issues.

(oh, so the Deng/Gordon thing still depresses this too...)

It's from one of those message board legend-types who claim to have inside sources and come through once in a great while. So take of this what you like.

If it's without Noah, it's a pretty great deal. The only problem is that the Bulls are taking back slightly more salary, and thus are further creeping towards the luxury tax. But they'd have until May to get back under if it's the team isn't winning enough to satisfy the Chairman.


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