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Draft post-mortem: 2nd round happens, Bulls still have Derrick Rose

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They drafted Sonny Weems at #39, but word from the comments section is that ComcastSportsNet reports that Paxson is swapping that pick somewhere for some foreign player to be named later. [UPDATE: It's Omer Asik.]


Bulls draft grade is A++++++++++

They have their point guard and leader for the future. And despite Pax's insistence on soft-pedaling (almost to turd-in-punchbowl levels), I'll consider him the point guard and leader of the present, too.

Not much to add. This pick was assumed weeks ago, so we've already been pretty immersed in the 'next step'. There was a chance that some of the roster would be changed over on draft night, but not much of one. The real fun on that front will begin in July.

There's still a very long and complicated way to go. For now, I'm just happy to have seen the night the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose. And it still seems unbelievable.

(By the way, how unexpected was it that all the Beasley trade talk was Riley bullshit all along? )