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Waiting for the white smoke

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That's for the pope, but this coaching search seems almost as important. Or at least as long. Or maybe the point is smoking must be involved:

Contrary to a published report, Bulls general manager John Paxson never intended to talk to another former NBA coach about the job over the weekend. Speculation is that Paxson will want Collins to give a spot on his coaching staff to one of the candidates the Bulls have interviewed over the last six weeks. Collins could groom that person to eventually succeed him.

This version of the coaching hire has been said in more-or-less the same fashion since it was first reported: that Collins would be the head coach, but one of the many many other applicants would be the hand-Paxed successor.

It makes sense somewhat, lots of teams have the 'star' assistant who is reported to be head coaching material until  GMs around the league consistently go with retread options instead.

However, does it ever get stated preemptively to the hire of the coach? Ever? What's it going to be like for this team knowing that their coach not only isn't usually long for the jobs he takes, but that management is so confident in his abilities (and durability) that they're already picking his replacement? Who'd you rather try to please in that instance, the coach or the next coach?

I can foresee a situation where if (when?) things flame out with Collins, it'll be in part because the players have shown favor to his assistant at his expense. Or if they haven't, that assistant would then be so aligned with Collins that he wouldn't then be able to take over the team anyway.

Of course, it's possible that Jeff Hornacek or Tyrone Corbin or whoever gets the 'organizational guy' lifetime contracts that Myers and Adams have apparently received.

The whole situation seems so bizarre, and unprecendented. And the fact that it's become common knowledge makes it cross the threshold into stupid.