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Vinny's verbal seduction

It was only a press conference, but in the scope of what a coach can say about this team, Vinny Del Negro nailed it.

He said the Bulls would play at a quick pace yet emphasize defense, specifically mentioned Thabo, Noah, and Tyrus as players he was interested in while with the Suns front office, and claimed he'd be a coach who'd try and work with the players to emphasize their strengths. Added that finding a qualified and independently-capable staff was paramount. He even threw in a bunch of hilarious innuendo regarding his interview with Pax (though that was likely unintentional). He seemed confident yet humble, and if his public speaking (and, apparently, interview) skills translate into coaching, he'll be able to reach and teach the players.

Paxson was a little less assuring. He said 'process' at a ridiculous rate (granted, VDN started saying it as well...), again mentioned how he felt the hire would 'resonate', and got a little twitchy when asked about the contract terms as well as the upcoming draft pick. But Pax did make some pretty startling confessions about how bad the situation was last season. That the players were unenthused and didn't play to their capabilities, and that was in part because of them feeling the team wasn't investing in their success. It was good to hear Paxson try and somewhat shift blame from the players, and admit that it wasn't merely a team that quit on their coach, but also a coach that quit on them.

It wasn't as much the tactics (there wasn't much on that front, unless 'play fast' is enough for ya) Del Negro promised as the style he'd employ them. Someone who'd listen and work with the players. That'd certainly seem like a welcome change, and while there's always the possibility that the Bulls just hired a pushover, I don't think this roster is the type that'd roll over someone who's trying to help. They only showed they'd lie down for someone who didn't help.

Del Negro's lack of experience is still a huge question, but I think while the players may initially question that, at least it'll be to someone who'll listen. Or so he claims.

Press conference video | audio | VDN on WSCR | VDN on WMVP