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Your Friday coaching search update

The honors today go to Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald:

A league insider believes the Bulls are comfortable choosing between D'Antoni and Johnson, two former NBA coach of the year winners.

If neither works out, they'll likely wait to talk to Boston assistant Tom Thibodeau and Detroit assistant Michael Curry, who are both busy with the playoffs. Thibodeau has been mentioned as a possible replacement for D'Antoni in Phoenix.


Once Skiles was hired by the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bulls should have been off the hook for his remaining salary. As it turned out, the Bulls will pay Skiles $3 million more than they needed to, but that in itself won't effect the current coaching search.

The Bulls don't want to sign anyone for five years because most NBA coaches don't last that long. Neither D'Antoni nor Johnson made it five full years with their previous teams, though D'Antoni could technically still return to the Suns.

D'Antoni is known for running a fast-paced offensive attack. The Bulls would mostly likely ask that he keep a veteran assistant coach on staff to focus on defense and recommend holdover Ron Adams for the role.

Good to know that at least in one reporter's eyes, the Skiles money isn't holding the Bulls back.  And not wanting to give a coach a 5-year contract is certainly reasonable. Marc Stein reports that the Knicks will offer 5 years, with the Bulls giving their proposal by "Sunday at the latest". Stein's e-buddy Ric Bucher says that D'Antoni's leaning towards the Knicks, yet "sources close to the process contend D'Antoni remains determined to go to Chicago as long as the Bulls assemble a quality offer."

So, whatever. What's more important to get to the bottom of is finding out what kind of spell Ron Adams has over this organization. Why have any holdovers at all?