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Trib: Doug Collins expected to be next Bulls coach

This report from KC Johnson was mentioned earlier today in a (since hidden) fanpost, but that was a first draft, with the idea that Collins could be coming in as either the head coach or an assistant.


Six weeks ago Thursday, shortly after firing interim coach Jim Boylan, general manager John Paxson talked about hiring someone who passionately resonated with players and fans.

How about Doug Collins?

Sources confirmed the former Bulls coach is expected to become the new Bulls coach.


Paxson, according to sources, first contacted Collins about the job shortly after firing Boylan. At that time, Collins gave indications he didn't want to return to coaching...But Collins' extremely close relationship with Paxson, friendship with team Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf (who fired Collins) and the Bulls winning the draft lottery have changed his mind, sources said.

One of the many younger coaches Paxson also has interviewed is expected to land on Collins' staff. away in the comments. I'm pretty numb in terms of an initial reaction. 'Shock', more than anything.