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The Paxspeak Playbook

I'm not sure if we're at the point where Paxson's predictability is more sad than funny. I still find it funny. I guess the real test is if his team still sucks next year.

First, some true draft-rumor craziness, from yet another blog that has more sources than me(even indirectly):

I heard a third-hand rumor (from a pretty good source) that the Bulls are considering an offer from Memphis to exchange the #1 pick for Mike Conley and the #5. Apparently John Paxson really wants Kevin Love, and is considering taking the trade. Obviously the Grizzlies — desperate for a draw in Memphis — would take Derrick Rose.

Note, Brett of The Bratwurst admits accepting such an offer would be lunacy for the Bulls. But I still chuckle at the thought of Pax almost wishing he didn't get #1 so he could take a scrapper like Kevin Love.

And then, the semi-regular Pax 'misinformation' whine:

Bulls general manager John Paxson scoffed Wednesday at the notion that anyone really knows what he will do with the No. 1 pick in next month's draft , because he doesn't know at this point.

He has said that he considers Michael Beasley (Kansas State) and Derrick Rose (Memphis) -- like everyone else -- head and shoulders above the rest.

He lost his patience Wednesday when told that Joey Dorsey of Memphis told reporters that he had "inside information,'' the the Bulls would be taking Beasley and not Rose, his former teammate.

"There is absolutely no reason anyone would have a clue, so there's no reason to respond. I'm tired of it already,'' Paxson said. "Nobody has any idea. Anyone who wants to speculate can do that. Fine, but no one knows. We have one month. Let me do my work for a month.''

If you really want to make him scoff, ask about 'timetables'.

All this said, fear not: Sam Smith still says it's Rose, and provides a not-so-helpful list of possible destinations for Hinrich. So I'm telling you, eventually we'll look back on Paxson's gradual public meltdown over the past few months and laugh. Right?