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Clueless like a fox

Heat beat writer Ira Winderman has an interesting take on the post-lottery Pax:

Sorry, but still not sold on Chicago's John Paxson not being sold on who the Bulls plan to draft at No. 1.  Somehow, one would think a season's body of work would mean more than anything Paxson will learn over the next month about Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.
Also, remember that Paxson had been one of the few front-office types willing to trade words with Pat Riley during Heat-Bulls in the playoffs the previous two years. There might be respect there, but friendship would be a stretch.  So Paxson will spar a little, play the game during the Orlando draft camp, put out plenty about having to make a tough, tough decision. Don't buy it. He knows. If he doesn't, he hasn't been doing his job these past seven months.

All the while, Riley has to squirm. It might not exactly be retribution for James Posey's various Bulls body slams, but, heck, one takes satisfaction where he can.


It's all part of the due-diligence dance, where Paxson gets to walk around with the biggest smirk, because he knows something you don't.

Well, Ira, Chad Ford has apparently been duped:

I believe Paxson when he says the team hasn't decided. But if he is going to prioritize character, leadership and chemistry in his criteria, Rose will win the battle.

I haven't seen Pax's smirk, but I'll haphazardly guess that Pax will have those priorities (likely to a fault), and he has decided on Rose. At least for now. Sheesh, he hasn't even met these fellas.

Then again, judging by this coaching search (a.k.a. "The GM Bachelor: search for my basketball soulmate"), Paxson perhaps hasn't been doing his job the past seven months (sorry, he was evaluating Boylan), and is potentially clueless.

Hope Beasley and Rose are ready for frequent interviews, and phone tag with Chairman Reinsdorf. That rookie scale contract does leave some room for negotiation, after all...