Ford thinks Rose will be the pick (and other draft tips)

[From the Fanposts. I inferred the same things Ford did from that podcast -ed.]

One of the stops on the Paxson Media Tour after winning the lottery was a podcast sitdown with Chad Ford. After hearing the usual Pax speak about wanting a leader, Ford has done a 180 (its a free preview insider article) and thinks Rose will be the pick and the the conventinal wisdom around the Association is that Rose will be the guy unless Rose does something dumb or Beasley does something great.



If the rumors about Beasley being 6'7'' or 6'8'' are correct than this is the way we should go. They are both great players, but if Beasley is a tweener he really adds nothing new to the mix as we are crowded with guys that are tweeners in the front court. Meanwhile Rose can give us a up tempo pass-first PG who lets us be able to run with anybody.

As for other draft rumblings:

* The 2nd player on Miami's board might be OJ Mayo. It looks like Riley thinks his style of play is a very good match for Wade and that Miami will try to flip picks with Minnesota or Seattle and try to add another piece to the team.

* D'Andre Jordan will almost for sure be a top 10 pick.

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