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Manufactured debate

Well, I'm almost already sick of draft talk. And it's not until June 26th.

First we had Sam's bad day , though that was more due to his evaluation of the current roster.

Today there's the likes of Mariotti saying the Bulls have to find a coach first (whoever it is, I guarantee the pick will be here longer). Then Mariotti's dark apprentice giving a half-assed effort to create a contrarian view.

And finally these back-to-back nuggets of wisdom from Barry Rozner:

Maybe the best move is to deal the pick and get three from New Jersey (10, 21, 40), rebuilding the team and finding a star in a trade, but that kind of radical thinking doesn't seem possible given Paxson's deliberate nature.

All this might be easier if the Bulls had a coach in place, and it wouldn't be as crazy as you think to steal John Calipari from Memphis, since he understands Rose and would certainly know how to employ him.

Not sure how those rank compared to KC Johnson throwing out the idea of dealing the pick for Baron Davis .

Only 31 days to go. I realize the benefit to not showing your hand, but Pax could think of it as doing us a service, keeping us from reading such 'advice'.