Official "I just plain don't like Hinrich and can't wait for him to get out" fanpost

Honestly, it seems that some commenters here are more excited coming up with scenarios to get Kirk traded than they are about getting a top pick (and I presume) taking Rose.

Frankly, it's a bit of a downer. Not that the Bulls can't do well by dealing Hinrich, but I don't think he'd be useless in a combination with Rose and Gordon (and Thabo), or that his contract is that crippling considering how little Rose will be paid and assuming you can deal Nocioni (no need to pay a 6th AND 7th man that much money/years) to free up some space.

But I won't completely ruin your fun, so...have at it. Here.

As an added bonus to the Kirk h8torz, In theory those who love Kirk more than the Bulls (are there any other players who get this treatment?) will stay away, given the title. But we know how that usually goes...

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