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Bulls win lottery, receive #1 pick

How's this for NBA-karma what-have-yous that I always thought were quite lame (but will share anyway):

I spaced and missed the live lottery drawing.

Luckily I realized it at 7:30. So I was able to flip to ESPNNews, who showed the full replay of the final 3 envelopes. I couldn't believe it was Steve Shanwald standing there, thinking of other possible exec-types who may look like him...not truly believing it until they showed the card with the Bulls logo.

How great is this? Usually the Bulls only win the lottery when there's no clear-cut choices. This time it's obviously between two players (I'd say one, Rose, but we have plenty of time to discuss that, now don't we?). Less thinking for Pax, and for us.

Celebrate and high-five. The only downer is that I doubt I'll be getting my partial-season ticket plan back...

And I'll say it again: Holy crap!