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The Sum of all Hopes

Here are the Bulls chances Tuesday night:

No. 1: 1.70%
No. 2: 2.00%
No. 3: 2.40%
No. 9: 81.34%
No. 10: 12.18%
No. 11: 0.38%
No. 12: 0.0024%

Get a top two pick, draft Rose or Beasley (in, my opinion, that order), and all of Pax's inactivity and (public) idiocy doesn't matter. (Getting the 3rd would be a good night's work as well, but the next step would be a bit more muddled) The history of many GMs work out this way: the lottery can sure make them seem smart.

And beyond knowing the Bulls position, lottery results will officially make it draft season. Yes, even I become interested at that point.

Pax (and Steve Shanwald) could use some luck (7pm CST, ESPN). So think happy thoughts. Or not, whatever you think may work.