Official thread of good feelings for tomorrow night

There is a lot of angst and evil feelings on this site, possibly stemming from the fact our favorite team played like poo poo for 6 months, and the only thing we have to look forward to is Kosta Koufos and Tom Thibodeau making it rain next season. However, as a naive member of the college society, I think we can swing our Bulls to a top 2 pick and possible redemption by posting happy thoughts in this thread. Don't have any? Then post your snarkiest remark, but be sure to add an emoticon at the end :).

My positive thought is that Kirk Hinrich will average a 16/7 next year, Luol Deng will score 20 points on teams that don't suck worse than us, and Larry Hughes will congeal into a pile of money we get to divide among Bulls fans.

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