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Cross one off the list

I didn't pay attention enough to know if John Calipari coached well or not in Monday night's championship game.

But I do remember, while seeing some key free throws clank, when weeks ago he started really bristling at the questions regarding his team's shooting from the line:

"We've been about the same for three years. What has been our record for three years?" he says. (Answer: 99-9.) "It's something I don't spend a lot of time with."

(Eh, there was more that I remember hearing audio on and I couldn't find a better link.)

The point is, instead of just saying "of course, I wish we shot free throws better" he attacked the questioner asking if they knew anything about the team's record or what kind of team they were, and in general led his group in some 'us against the world' hooey going into the tournament.

Not that I was ever really interested in him or any other college coach (his first pro stint didn't go too great) leading the Bulls next season, but looking at Calipari, he sure comes off as 'un-professional'. Just another basketball-coach-as-mayor in the small pond of campus, Calipari is likely better suited staying the overbearing arrogant leader of teenagers that are the celebrated 'stars' of the college game.

Ok, the insults are basically just an excuse to crap on the institution of college basketball coaches, and the fact that Calipari was once tied to the Bulls coaching vacancy makes it fair, heh.

I mean, Tim Floyd is regarded as successful in that realm, so who knows, maybe Jimbo the Clown will be a star himself if he gets a chance at the Marquette vacancy, where he can get away with playing 4 guards and a forward in a lineup. Not exactly a place where credentials are built.