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Two questions for Bulls beat reporters to track down

  1. What's the story on the money the Bulls still owe Scott Skiles? Last I read was from KC Johnson:
    The Bucks made their offer tough to beat, fully guaranteeing $18 million to Skiles, who is still owed $6 million from the Bulls.

    Is that really true? Not only can Skiles be paid by two teams, but the money doesn't even offset? Sounds unlikely.
    Not that there's a salary cap for coaches, but it's not unreasonable to assume a budget (and I can't fault chairman Reinsdorf much on that) not only for the head coach but hopefully a whole new load of assistant coaches as well. So the amount of funds potentially available is a pretty important detail.

    Not to mention that the idea of owed money doesn't jive with the rumor that Skiles quit.
  2. Any updates on Noah's shoulder? That was a pretty big story going into the season, that Noah would essentially be playing with a bad wing all season, opting not to do surgery. Then it was never mentioned again. Will it need surgery now, or was it magically healed? How will it affect his offseason workouts? You'd think upper-body development would be a priority.