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Open Game Thread #82: Bulls vs Toronto Raptors

Ah...finally this awful, awful season is over.

And so is the season of the open game thread, specifically the last game thread on the `old' SBNation platform (BaB is migrating this weekend).

Special thanks to those who helped me this season in writing previews for each game. As you can likely tell they're not my favorite thing to do here, but beyond the shared workload I enjoyed getting new voices in on the action once in a while. So much gratitude to commenters joemoses, wjb1492, chgobr, bullshooter, Big D, and prashantrao for helping out.

It's also a goodbye to Boylan, Duhon, and likely a bunch of other Bulls. Even though this team this season brought feelings of ambivalence to outright hatred, I'll miss actually watching them play. The offseason seems fun but it's really short bursts of fun spread out into a verrry long time.

One of those bursts of fun is the lottery, and the Bulls are one win `ahead' of Charlotte. Both teams (Charlotte with the Sixers, Bulls with the Raptors) are facing playoff teams with their fates already decided.

So I guess it'll depend on who wants those pingpong balls more. Ugh, that's enough to forget what I said above: I'm truly glad this is it for a while.