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Open Game Thread #81: Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks

I know I made the joke somewhere else in this space before that the Bulls weren't going to catch the Bucks at this brief tank-a-thon because the Bucks have so much more practice.

And with a new GM and a completely mucked-up salary structure, Milwaukee will likely be looking to make some major changes in the offseason. As in 'might even consider taking Larry Hughes' type changes.

They do have pseudo-star Michael Redd, who is better currently than anyone on this squad, but is also turning 29 by the start of next season and therefore likely won't be a part of the next great Milwaukee Bucks team. I'd imagine the Bucks would be willing to do a move similar to what the Sonics did with Ray Allen: take on an equally crappy contract in a worse player, but for shorter years, along with 'assets'. For Allen, the Sonics received Wally Szczerbiak (1 year shorter deal), with the assets being the #5 pick and Delonte West. I'd think starting offer for Redd (who's younger and owed less, but for more seasons, than Allen was) would be Hughes and #8, but then you could really expand the deal considering the contracts both teams may want to unload, and other fun things the Bulls could throw in (like Thabo).

I'm not even sure I'd want to acquire Redd, even though he may be a maxed-out Ben Gordon,  he's also getting paid more than Gordon will likely (as if I have a clue) ask for and you're getting his end-post-prime seasons whereas Ben's best is yet to come. Plus there's the sticky issue of committing max dollars into that magical summer of 2010 when James/Wade/Bosh are free agents. And the issue of committing max dollars to anyone who really doesn't deserve it. But it did get Hughes out of town, didn't it?

Think of that instead of this stanky tanky game. I'll collect your sheets at the end of class.