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As enjoyable as it can get nowadays

Bulls wind up losing, so they're preserving their little nest egg of ping pong balls.

But the team played reasonably hard and cohesively. Although it wasn't exactly the most competitive environment, Boston was mostly keeping the Bulls at a safe distance until waiting to pull away late.

And in the 4th quarter, Boylan took out Hughes and left in Thomas, so some interim credit is in order for that. (Thabo and Duhon played the same minutes though...)

It's absolutely shocking that Thomas would produce when given minutes. Completely floored. You can't predict things like that.

Finished with 24 points, 5-9 around the rim, 4-7 on jump shots, and 6-7 from the line. I don't even think he played that well. He's not going to always do that well on the jumpers (one make was an especially improbable turnaround fadeaway), and he only finished with an Aldridge-esque 7 rebounds in 37 minutes.

But I won't buy that figuring out that Thomas can play is considered part of the 'learning' that can only come with being out of the playoff race: it's a lesson we knew already.