Tyrus Thomas suspended 2 games for missing practice

[ed. note: From the Diaries. Ugh. I can't wait for the offseason to begin: Tyrus Thomas out, Tyler Hansborough in. Ty-3, this time he'll stick around (literally. That's a lack-of-vertical joke). Tyrus isn't helping himself: why can't he at least show up late like Wallace, or hungover like Duhon? -Matt]

GM John Paxson suspened second-year forward Tyrus Thomas two games for an unexcused absence from Wednesday's practice. Thomas will serve the suspension during Chicago's next two games, sitting out the game against Cleveland on Thursday at the United Center and Friday at Boston.

Why, Tyrus, must you fuck up like this?  He's giving Boylan a great excuse not to play him now.  He probably has a right to be pissed, but blowing off practice is just a dumb idea.  That being said, if the Bulls give him away for some washed-up vet in the offseason because of this, they'll be even dumber.

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