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'Winning isn't everything' doesn't just pertain to Larry Hughes

This place shouldn't be Blog-a-Tyrus&Noah, but honestly: it's tough to be too happy about a gimme victory when Noah plays 20 minutes, Tyrus plays 8, and neither play in the last 16 minutes of the game.

Yes, Tyrus looked terrible tonight. In those 8 minutes, he had 4 fouls. But there's still two fouls left, and whether he looks good or bad, he needs to play. Noah as well. For 30+ minutes. Even Boylan's misguided philosophy of 'A-game or sit next to me' has no teeth: they're both pulled when they're playing well too, and treated differently than the rest of the team.

 The Bulls are competing for the lowest seed in the lamest conference playoff race ever, and have a coach willing to hold onto any lead like grim death, as each win serves his resume towards some fruitless (hopefully, sheesh) attempt at a full-time job.

It's unproductive and pretty maddening that in a lost season we can't even get 30 games to learn more about two of the most important players on the team. Instead we get to see Boylan do a lot of coaching.

On the bright side, Hinrich, Gooden, and Noc played well, Gordon salvaged a horrible start with a good 4th quarter.

Luol Deng had his best game since coming back from injury, although Boylan left him out there for almost 43 minutes. Yet another short-sited strategy in a hollow victory.