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Open Game Thread #71: Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

How sad is this: last season the Bulls were where the Sixers wanted to be, and this year the Sixers (6pm CST, WCIU) are where the Bulls want to be, and that's the shallow goal of 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. Actually, the Sixers have been winning so much that they're the 6th seed (and a half game out of 5).

I read this from Roland Laird today, a recent Q&A with Sixers management:

For starters, he [Sixers coach Mo Cheeks] said point blank, that he played Thaddeus Young because the GM told him to.
And that's a new GM, Ed Stefanski, saying it to a (relatively) established NBA coach. Paxson can't even tell his bozo interim to play someone Pax picked ten spots ahead of Young a year earlier. Blech.