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Stampeding out of the most pathetic playoff race ever

Boylan is still a steamy turd. Here's his pregame explanation on why he moved Gooden to the starting lineup:

I feel like it's time, Drew is a physical presence around the basket. Especially in a game like today, we need that. Going forward, I feel we need that at the start of games. Tyrus will continue to play and develop and grow, if the only way you develop and grow is being in the starting lineup, then the people who think that don't really know the game very well.

What's this talk about presence? tactics? I thought it was "bring your A-Game or sit next to me. I'm Jim Boylan: professional coach"

Tyrus played very well today, and he did get 25 minutes. But only 9 in the second half, and yanked for Gooden (if you have to get your trusted, consistently average players in, could've at least pulled Noah instead) after the Bulls made a run with Tyrus on the court. The Bulls were outscored 16-5 after that to finish the game.

It's better than the 9 minutes received in total on Friday. Well, at least it's comforting to know Tyrus will be playing for somebody (who knows if the Bulls can evaluate and keep talent anymore) while Boylan's getting water for Skiles at his next job.

Unfortunately that was only a minor (just the easiest to bitch about) problem with today's game, which was winnable only because the other team had Ben Wallace. The others:

Ben Gordon: 5-13
Luol Deng: 3-13
Larry Hughes: 8-20

Big 3!

Maybe it's a bit more necessary with Thabo injured, but playing Hughes over 43 minutes isn't going to work. He shoots far too poorly on a team that already shoots poorly. And his talk of how he'll be unleashed as a 'slasher' without LeBron was just that, as he's just as jump-shooty as ever.

Although slightly less so than what is already on the roster, I suppose. Gordon's only FTA was on a technical. Deng missed half a dozen layups. Those two are a huge problem. I can't see any solution but to re-sign both and hope they just play better. They're not this bad, and it's rare to see players dramatically regress at the ages of 22 and 24. It's just a bad year, and unlike Hughes we don't know it will continue. At least maybe it helps the Bulls get a discount for each in the offseason. There's always sign and trades, but I'd only be asking for upgrades, and I can't even see a team that would give up such a thing for either. You can try and package Tyrus/Noah or the upcoming pick, but then you'd have to get something really special in return.

Unfortunately, whether it's a blemish in a good career or an unstoppable trend, Gordon and Deng's poor play is sending the team to the lottery. Boylan's merely pouring gas on the fire in the form of Gooden and Hughes.