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Open Game Thread # 59: Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

I was much more excited for this game before Friday night. National TV (which I don't care about the 'exposure', just a chance to hear different broadcast crews), against a 'rival' who now has one of the most reviled players in team history.

Honestly, how great will it be to watch Ben Wallace do whatever he does in another uniform? Or will he save his good games for the Bulls like he used to for us against the Pistons?

The Cavs other big addition, Wally Szczerbiak, may or may not be available, I'm reading different sides to his 'wife birthing' story. He hasn't been playing well since the trade either.

Thabo is still hurt, but it's not clear if he's out or just benched. Did he dis-earn his job? Does he have to now win it back? Is he sitting next to Boylan on the bench? A-Game? Oh what awesome subplots have been laid out by the interim coach. Apparently Tyrus may start or may not, as well. Intrigue. I would've settled for just booing Ben Wallace.